How we create virtual tours

All the information you need to know.

How it works

1. Visit of your business

We arrange a first visit at your business to define with you the areas that you want to be featured.

2. Price

We confirm to you the price based on our first visit and estimation. You only pay once the virtual tour is online.

3. Shooting

On a second visit, we shoot all the pictures we need to create the tour. This usually takes from 30 minutes to a few hours, depending on the area to be covered.

We care about all the rest! We preprocess all the images so that your place looks its best, we upload all the pictures and create the virtual tour with the professional Google Street View tools.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and wait a few days until your virtual tour is online!


With a "fisheye" lens mounted on a high end DSLR camera, we produce high resolution panoramic images of each spot in your public business areas. To do so, we take a series of 4 pictures at an angle of 90°, each one covering the entire floor to ceiling area, so we end up having a full 180° by 360° spherical image.


This series of shots is repeated approximately every 1.5 meters, from the street into your business, and everywhere you like inside the open public areas, in a way that allows for the online visitor to navigate from one point to another within your business.

Post processing

Once all the pictures are in the box, we post process them using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, to ensure the end result panoramas offer rich and vibrant colors and look how you want them to look. We will work on every picture with your requests in mind.

The 4 images of each set are then stitched together using dedicated software to create the final panorama. Imperfections are corrected at this stage so that the end panorama looks great.

Once the pictures have been processed, they are uploaded to Google and the tour is created manually in Google Street View via their professional editing tools.

After a couple of days, the virtual tour will appear online, after it has been moderated and approved by Google. This operation is usually done within around 72 hours after the virtual tour has been submitted to Google.

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