Google Street View


Your business on Google Street View

What you get

  • High quality 180° by 360° photographs of your business space
  • Image post processing of each photosphere
  • Creation of the Google Street View panorama
  • Creation or update of your Google My Business account, including the inside panoramas
  • 5 high quality still pictures of your choice


We can shoot your business during or outside business hours, by daylight or by night. You decide. In case the shooting happens during open hours, we will blur any face during post processing so that your customers keep their privacy.

We can feature you and your staff in various places of your business so that you can tell your own story to your online visitors.

Price list

  Description Price

For small businesses up to 100 m2

from CHF 300.- *

For medium size businesses, up to 200 m2

from CHF 500.- *

For large businesses, up to 400 m2

from CHF 1000.- *

For very large businesses, above 400 m2

from CHF 2000.- *
* Prices are indicative. A refined quotation is done for every project, for free. Prices include travel fees in Geneva and Vaud Cantons (Switzerland).

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